More Crappy Day Jobs Held by Metal Gods


kingofplumbingOn Wednesday we posted quotes from an interview on the MetalSucks Podcast with Testament frontman Chuck Billy and Exodus shrieker Steve “Zetro” Souza in which they discussed the crappy day jobs they held down in the past while they weren’t touring.

Unsatisfied with just two musicians, we delved into the pasts of other metal celebrities and discovered some other uncommon positions held during the off season:

  • Kerry King: Runs a plumbing business where he’s known as Kerry, King of Clog Removal.
  • Phil Labonte: Councils troubled gay teens.
  • Matt Pike: Fitness instructor.
  • George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher: Necklace model for Sears.
  • Maria Brink: Nurse at Fetish General.
  • Till Lindemann: Leading sexual reassignment surgeon at Fetish General.
  • Tommy Lee: Sex ed teacher.
  • Rob Halford: Public Defender (of the Faith).
  • Andy Biersack: Olympic long jumper.
  • Frankie Palimeri: Spiritual advisor at the First Church of Marvel Vs. Capcom.
  • David Draiman: Editorial assistant at All Caps Press.
  • Vinnie Paul: Home furnishings salesman. His motto: “We Make Sure The Carpet Matches The Drapes!”
  • Dani Filth: Elf to a mall Santa.
  • Alissa White-Gluz: Hair stylist.
  • “Dixie” Dave Collins: Voice-over artist for children’s cartoons.
  • Tom Gabriel Fischer: Plays Goofy at Euro Disneyland.
  • King Diamond: PR rep at Rockstar Energy Drink.
  • Tony Foresta: Sobriety counselor.
  • Joel Grind: Environmental enforcement agent.
  • Lars Ulrich: Gives tennis lessons; no one responded to the drum teacher listing.
  • Marilyn Manson: Snow plow driver.
  • Jeff Walker: Flips burgers at a fast food joint. Official title: Incinerator of Carnal Anti-Famishment Discs.
  • Phil Fasciana: Convenience store security guard.
  • Johan Hegg: Sporting goods salesman.
  • Varg Vikernes: Runs D&D campaigns out of his basement.
  • Scott Weiland: Frontman for Art of Anarchy.

Know of any we missed? Chime in below.

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