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Photo Caption Contest: Win a Box of Metal Swag

Photo via Liz Ramanand for Loudwire
Photo via Liz Ramanand for Loudwire

Last week we gave a bunch of Goatwhore posters from our 2013 MetalSucks South by South Death showcase (artwork featured here), designed and hand silkscreened by artist Mike Wohlberg onto thick paper stock, hand-numbered (limited edition of 50) and signed by Wohlberg himself. Here are the winners:

  • Tom: “Playing along to the bass tracks on …and Justice for All.”
  • ChuggaChuggaDeedleyDoo: “Ok, WHO WANTS THIS BOOGER!!!!??”
  • 365 Days of Horror: “Invisible oranges, meet invisible firehose.”
  • giovanni perez: “if kirk hammett can pretend to play guitar dang nabbit so can i.!!”
  • Alex Cha: “Can’t get this itch under here….”
  • ReaverofSouls: “Who knew the world’s smallest violin would make such an awesome instrument for metal?”
  • Óðhinn: “SHORYUKEN!”
  • Crystal Deth: “Invisible Burritos!”

Congrats, everyone!

This week we’re giving away a bunch of random stuff we’ve got around the Mansion: CDs, t-shirts, guitar picks, knick-knacks and various other metal swag. To enter, just post a comment with your best caption to the below photo.


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