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Listen to Haste the Day’s $13,927 New Song


hastethedayHaste the Day astounded all those with discerning taste in metal last year when they raised over $139,000 via an IndieGoGo campaign to fund their reunion album. Yowza! That’s a crapload of money. Why do so many people love this band so much?

Haste the Day finally released a track from that album yesterday entitled “World.” If we assume that the album from whence it came, Coward, contains 10 tracks, then you’re listening to $13,927 worth of song below. Better be awesome!

As it turns out, the song isn’t bad. But I’ve never found anything this band’s done to be bad, per se — just mediocre, completely unremarkable. Beyond that, though, this tune is actually really sweet — good riffs, solid melody, big guitars — but then the clean-sung, auto-tuned chorus kicks in around 1:30 and I remember why I don’t like this band much and, conversely, why legions of metalcore kids do.

Coward will come out via Solid State Records on May 19th.

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