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Godsmack Join The US Military (To Release A Single)



Godsmack has a long history of doing promotions with the military, because aggro rock makes sense when you’re living to die. But today, Blabbermouth reports that the band is teaming up with the US armed forces to release their new single, “What’s Next?”

Sully Erna told K-Rock in Syracuse, NY:

“…we’re gonna do a whole campaign, because the lyrical content of the song is about the only thing certain is life and death, but what’s next? So we’re doing a whole campaign with the U.S. military — all the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces, we’re teaming together with them.”

Heh, okay, dude. You’re using a shoe-in market to help promote your new record, not bringing together all the military in a unified front against sleeves. You’re not General Patton here.

But Erna goes on:

“We’re gonna do a whole campaign to help out homeless vets, to help out guys with PTSD, all that stuff. We’re just gonna do a whole thing for an awareness level, for a bit of an inspiration.”

That’s three “whole campaigns” so far. Wow.

In fairness, this is a noble aspiration. Veterans get their minds and souls fucked up serving our country, and our government often shits on them in return. So you have to give the band props. It might help if they tell us how they intend to help veterans — I’d love to see how they follow through — but Erna has done charity events before, so there’s no reason to doubt him.

Buuut then he goes on:

“We don’t support war — we wanna be clear about that — but we support our troops and what they have to do, and how they put their lives on the line for us every day so we can live in a country like this.”

Sorry, man, not buying it. They didn’t use a Godsmack song in a military commercial because it was anti-war, they used it because it’s big and burly and seemed to say, Are you tough enough to wield the power of a helicopter armed with Stinger missiles? A song called “Bring Them Home” would’ve been more appropriate. Or just a cover of “One.”

Anyway, watch the full interview here:

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