Vattnet Viskar “Yearn” To Show You Their New Song


Vattnet Viskar - SettlerFor a band that describes itself as “post-black metal,” Vattnet Viskar is not particularly grim in the traditional sense — but if true grimness is what you seek, just a slightly deeper look is all you need to find real despair in their new track “Yearn.”

The track is accompanied by video reminiscent of the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger explosion, which killed New Hampshire astronaut Christa McAuliffe, who also graces the cover of their new album Settler, out June 16th on Century Media (the band is also from New Hampshire). The kind of despair the world felt on that day as we failed our greatest explorers, as our highest hopes for mankind were shattered, is reflected in the music. Christa yearned for outer space, worked for it as her sole aim, came unbelievably close to achieving it, and died within minutes of getting there. If that’s not grim, I don’t fucking know what is.

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