Vattnet Viskar’s “Colony” Video is a Real Challenger

  • Axl Rosenberg

Vattnet Viskar - SettlerAfter I wrote about Josh Graham’s brilliantly unusual album art for Vattnet Viskar’s upcoming Settler (for the cheap seats: it’s the image above), some of the smarties in the MS comments section pointed out that it was a reference to the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, in which a NASA ship broke apart barely a minute after lift-off, killing all seven astronauts inside.

So even though the album art seems pretty gentle for a black metal record, it’s still plenty, y’know, black.

Vattnet Viskar and Graham keep the theme going with the band’s new video (which Graham made) for “Colony,” which debuted earlier today on Metal Injection… although, once again, there’s no explicit reference to the Challenger, so you can also totally ignore the connection and just enjoy the awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome music. Did I mention it’s awesome?

Settler is out June 16 on Century. Vattnet Viskar will tour with 1349 and Necrophagia starting at the end of this month; get dates here.

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