Where Are They Now?

Slipknot’s Old Masks: Where Are They Now?

  • Axl Rosenberg

where are they now old slipknot masksThe Artist: Slipknot’s Old Masks

Who Were They? The masks Slipknot used to wear before they got new ones, adoy.

What Went Wrong? Slipknot became successful and were able to afford the cost of hiring people to make much cooler-looking masks. They also figured out that upgrading their masks every album cycle made for good publicity. Consequently, the old masks were retired, despite technically having done nothing “wrong” per se.

Where Are They Now?

Sid Wilson (#0)sid wilson original mask

Mr. Wilson’s mask has reverted back to the job it held prior to joining Slipknot: it’s a gas mask bong.

Mr. Wilson's original Slipknot mask, photographed April 6, 2015
Mr. Wilson’s original Slipknot mask, photographed April 6, 2015

Says Wilson’s mask of its past brush with fame: “It was fun to be in the spotlight for awhile, but honestly, this lifestyle suits me far better. I don’t have to leave my friends and family behind for months at a time, I don’t always smell like Sid’s sweat, I get to smoke a LOT of weed. Truly, I have no regrets about the way things shook out.”

Joey Jordison (#1)joey jordison original mask

Jordan’s original mask is currently on display at The Smithsonian alongside Chet Atkins’ Haile guitar, this 1964 Beatles ticket stub, and, of course, Leonard Bernstein’s balls.

Paul Gray (#2)paul gray original mask

Although Gray’s eventual fate was a tragic one, his original pig mask has arguably had the most successful post-‘Knot career, having appeared in many installments of the popular Saw horror film franchise.

Although it has now been five years since the release of the last Saw movie, rumor has it that the pig mask will be making its way back to the big screen sometime in the not-too-distant future.

Chris Fehn (#3)chris fehn original mask

Fehn left his mask in the possession of his friend, movie star Richard Gere, in 2001. It has neither been seen nor heard from since.

Jim Root (#4)jim root original mask

Root’s original evil jester mask recently launched its own line of comic books. Rumor has it that this mask took its firing VERY personally. It declined to comment for this article.

Craig Jones (#5)craig jones original mask

The always-altruistic Jones donated his mask to Habitat for Humanity, who removed its nails to be used for the building of a home.

Shawn “Clown” Crahan (#6)clown original mask

Although we were able to track down Clown’s original creepy clown mask for an interview, we cannot make heads or tails of the comment it gave us:

“Just as all masks must be worn all masks must eventually be removed. But that doesn’t mean all masks will no longer be faces, for faces are always facades and facades last forever although nothing is forever save for the everlasting gobstopper. I shall someday conceal a gob yet again, and then everyone will know my true power, and if you won’t know that, that I won’t know the things you will know.”

If anyone knows what the fuck that means, feel free to drop us a line.

Mick Thomson (#7)mick thompson original mask

Tragically killed during an altercation with its brother.

Corey Taylor (#8)corey taylor original mask

As seen above, Mr. Taylor’s old mask has found gainful employment as the tap for a keg. Asked for a comment on its new gig, the mask belched and passed out on the lawn for eight hours.

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