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The New Symphony X Song “Nevermore” is Super Sweet, Kinda Sounds Like Nevermore


Symphony X - UnderworldThis one’s been online for a few days already, but seeing as our lazy asses shut down for Memorial Day weekend before it hit the web: there’s a new Symphony X song! Huzzah!

I realize the appeal of this band is limited to proverbial neckbeard IMNs like myself. But IDGAF: 2011’s Iconoclast was in my opinion the band’s best album to date, and I’m absolutely stoked to hear that it seems as if new album Underworld will continue in roughly that same sonic vein.

Here’s the new song, “Nevermore,” in lyric video form. It could totally pass as a Nevermore song if it had different vocals, but nope, that’s Russell Allen, there’s no mistaking it. Also: riffs! Lots of ’em.

Jam it below. Underworld comes out on July 24th via Nuclear Blast.

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