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New Soilwork Album Art, Release Date!

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One day in 2004, I was obliged to rave to an acquaintance about Soilwork singer Bjorn “Speed” Strid. He’s neither whiny nor macho, I began. His melodies and tone earn him a top-five ranking of his era. His lyrics are not a clinic in use of figurative language, but he attempts richness there too, so respect. Plus, I continued, I love his vibe onstage. He’s one of the singers that would find a way to awesomely sing a warning about the side effects of boner pills. I could listen to him sing forever, I concluded.

In 2013, that last theory was put to the test by a Soilwork double album called The Living Infinite (20 jams!), which arrived nine months after the long debut album by The Night Flight Orchestra, Strid’s awesome ’70s rock band that we love. That’s a lot of Strid; it was easy for a fan to, like, max out for a while. But it’s a wicked pace for him: In January, Soilwork was back with a live DVD and with an announcement that NFO would release their sophomore album June 9. And now we are told that Soilwork’s next album is out August 28 and titled The Ride Majestic. (With that announcement came a new clip from the live DVD, below). That’s a lot of Strid, again. He does know we listen to other bands, right?

Soilwork’s Live In The Heart Of Helsinki 2CD/DVD is out now. Get it here.

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