Saturday Song to Get Stoned To

Saturday To Make It Rain


charlie-brown-rain-jpg-1-e1367326604327I want to make it rain.

No, not by shelling out ones in a strip club — I’m talking actual bonafide thunderous rain, the kind that necessitates a lazy Sunday in bed…

Does anyone out there know how to do a rain dance???  Do we even believe in such things?  I’ve been noticing more reminders of spiritual connections lately, but my belief in a higher power (hail seitan!) doesn’t necessarily mean that I think we can control seemingly intangible, monumental elements such as the weather.

But maybe it’s possible.  I’d like to think so.  And if there really is such a thing as an effective rain dance, perhaps we can dig even deeper and control the power of the sun, moon, or motherfucking rush hour traffic.

Nah, that last one is clearly impossible.  Let’s focus on the rain for now.  Can anybody help make it happen for tomorrow?  Here’s a brief tutorial and some inspiration.

Thanks in advance!


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