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Stream Periphery Guitarist Jake Bowen’s New Solo Electronic Album Isometric


Jake BowenA couple of years ago Periphery guitarist Jake Bowen released a couple of electronic tracks he’d written and produced himself. COMPLETELY different vibe from Periphery, but that’s what side-projects are for, right? It’s always fun to see where musicians’ other musical interests lie when they don’t feel pressured into writing for the particular style of their day job band.

Those two tracks both appear on Bowen’s new album Isometric, which is now out and available for streaming and download via Bandcamp. If you aren’t into electronic music at all then this one’s probably not for you, but I’d like to think of MS readers as being open-minded… so give it a shot, won’t you? Maybe you’ll even hear some sonic trademarks that are similar to the background electronic samples present throughout Periphery’s music.

I, for one, really, really dig it. It reminds me a bit of Massive Attack in their more chilled out moments (the trip, minus the hop), the kind of music that’d be equally appropriate with some buddies and a joint in front of a fine set of speakers, or as background music for my daily blogging routine. Nicely done, Jake.

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