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Traitors’ Deathcore Cover of Pantera’s “5 Minutes Alone” is Basically the Worst Thing Ever

  • Axl Rosenberg

anselmo idols quote“Can’t be what your idols are,” Pantera famously warn in their classic, “5 Minutes Alone.” Alas, Traitors did not heed their advice. This Floridia band, who promo pic appears next to the word “generic” in the dictionary, have down-tuned the song and given it the “shit pile of mush” production style that’s become so popular with the deathcore set. As a result, the track now sounds inexpressive, discordant nu-metal song; it’s one long plateau, instead of the roller coaster ride provided by the original. The only part that really works is the “head bangs on broken glass” section at the three minute mark, but as far as I can tell, that’s only because Traitors couldn’t figure out a way to make it sound like mud.

But, hey, at least they tried to put their own spin on it.

Listen if you must:

[via The PRP]

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