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Shadows Fall Challenge “Shortest Hiatus Ever” Record, Announce Summer Shows


Shadows FallShadows Fall announced last August that they’d be taking a “hiatus” from “extensive touring,” which most fans interpreted to mean they’d be breaking up for good, or at least staying out of the public eye for a long while. We’ve seen this dance before, though, and we know that most bands who take a hiatus or break up — and achieved the level of success The Shads did — end up getting back together eventually… we just didn’t think it’d happen this quickly!

The following appeared on Shadows Fall’s Facebook page last Friday evening:

It’s worth noting that Shadows Fall didn’t decide to take a break because they all hated each other, they did so because of “families, member availability, and finances.” So it’s not all that surprising that they’d come back to play a few shows, especially ones right in their backyard of New England that don’t require a substantial financial investment or much time away from home. In short: it’s consistent with the message they communicated last year.

So, if you wanna see The Shads anytime soon, now’s your shot. Get on it!

Here’s The War Within because THIS FUCKING ALBUM forever and always:

Thanks: Dusan K.

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