Star Trek Aliens from the Planet Cheron Star in Slipknot’s “Killpop” Video


slipknot killpop star trek aliensFor their latest ode to stalking women, “Killpop,” Slipknot have made their latest video in which the band members wander around a decrepit building acting creepy. Hey, it’s been eight whole months since their last one! They were due. The world’s owners of rundown buildings depend on the fees earned from Slipknot videos to put food on the table. Meth heads don’t usually pay rent, y’know!

I guess what sets this video apart from other Slipknot videos set in condemned drug dens, then, is that it also features a pair of women who appear to have been modeled after the Cheron aliens on the original Star Trek series. So I guess someone in Slipknot is a Trekkie.

Watch the “Killpop” video below. It was directed by Clown, but, alas, as of now, he hasn’t released any “deep” statements about the “meaning” of the clip.

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