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The Metal Horns Emoji is Coming to Smartphones This Summer!


Metal Horns EmojiThe emoji we’ve all come to love over the past couple of years have undergone plenty of expansions and transformations of late, and they’ve become stand-ins for just about any emotion or sentiment we wish to communicate with our clumsy thumbs; not only can we now express our sincere thanks ???? in a variety of different skin tones, but we can express our horniness with a simple vegetable ????. How did we ever get on before we knew how to unlock the emoji keyboard on our smartphones?? ????

Finally, emoji are about to get a whole lot more metal: according to Metal Injection, the metal horns emoji is just one of 37 new icons that’ll be making its debut later this summer. Huzzah! ????

While we applaud Unicode for green-lighting this most necessary of emoji, we’re forced to ponder: shouldn’t they really have created an invisible oranges emoji instead? Metal horns are so passé. ????

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