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There is Now a GG Allin Set of Emojis


GG Allin emojiThose Zakk Wylde emojis? Tame. Misfits emoji pack? Totally passé. What the world really needs is a set of emojis that captures the true spirit of punk rock!

Now you can show everyone in your contacts list just how edgy you are in convenient emoji form with Emoji Fame’s new GG Allin emoji pack. Because nothing says punk rock better than using symbolism connected to a known misogynist, racist and homophobe! Although I concede that banana above would make a fine replacement for the eggplant in terms of phallic symbols.

Says Emoji Fame cofounder Gavin Rhodes:

Love him or hate him, GG Allin is an icon. The process of distilling GG into emojis was equal parts revolting and exhilarating, which I think is a good way to sum up his persona. The emojis we created for him reflect that duality.


It was fun to think back and develop the imagery relating to GG and his legacy. These emojis are for you sick fucks who want to keep GG and his scumfuc tradition alive… Keep spreading the disease.

The GG Allin pack is available here if you’re interested.

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