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You Need This Misfits Emoji Pack!


Misfits EmojiEveryone loves emoji, those cute little icons for seemingly everything that have taken over text message communication of late. Especially that smiling poop emoji. Everyone really loves that one! It’s appropriate in nearly every situation, isn’t it?

Move over, Smiling Poop Man: there’s now a set of Misfits-inspired emoji! Your new favorite emoji set is available for both iPhone and Android, through Hi-Art, for the unbeatable price of completely free $1.99, although the app itself is free. Check out the samples above.

These are pretty neat and all, and I’ll definitely be using them with my metal friends. But I think we can all agree that what’s REALLY needed are some Glenn Danzig emoji. I’M JUST CLEANING MY MOTHERFUCKING BRICKS, BITCH! Kitty Litter R Us! French onion Soup! The possibilities are endless.

Misfits Emoji Misfits Emoji Misfits Emoji

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