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Guitarist Justin Lowe Out of After the Burial; Appears to be Having a Paranoid Episode

  • Axl Rosenberg
Photo by Maclyn Bean
Photo by Maclyn Bean

It would appear that guitarist Justin Lowe is no longer with After the Burial… or his right mind. The guitarist posted the below screenshot of a long, barely-coherent rant on his Facebook page and Twitter account, instructing readers to “save this” for reasons which will become clear once you start reading it — basically, Lowe thinks he’s the victim of a massive conspiracy perpetrated by something “more powerful than law enforcement” and that “the record label [Sumerian], our manager, [and] band [mates]” are all in on it. It is at once disturbing and incredibly sad (click to enlarge):

Justin Lowe RantAs of this writing, the band has yet to issue any response.

As I said, this is a very sad situation… I don’t know Lowe, I’ve never met Lowe, and I don’t know his situation, so I’m obviously just speculating, but: based on past, similar experiences I’ve had with other people, it reads to me like he may have been on medication which he suddenly stopped taking, or otherwise needs to be on some sort of medication.

We’ll update this story as it develops further.

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