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That Time Sergeant D, Emperor Rhombus and Max Frank Argued About Metal on the MetalSucks Podcast


argument-clipart-businessmen_arguing_1About a month ago MetalSucks own self-professed non-troll Sergeant D wrote an article entitled “Which is more important, writing good songs or being rly good at ur instrument???” Not only did it cause quite a stir in our comments section (shocker!), but sparks flew within the very walls of the MS Mansion, inspiring not one but TWO staffers to write responses: Max Frank’s “Why So Many Modern Metal Bands Suck” and Emperor Rhombus’s “Oh Hush, There’s Plenty of Good Modern Metal.”

With tensions high and tempers running hot, we figured the best way to hash things out would be the good old fashioned way: to get all three dudes together and pit them against one another in a steel cage match on the MetalSucks Podcast! And hash it out they did… sorta. Shit got real, and tempers remained hot, but there were some really solid points made by all sides, so much so that I finished listening without feeling swayed any which way. Everyone’s correct!

Listen to the episode below. The segment starts at 54:40, but the rest of the episode’s a keeper too: Chuck and Godless interviewed Hiran Deraniyagala of Battlecross and also had a debate about whether musicians’ politics or worldviews should impact one’s appreciation of their music.

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