Chelsea Wolfe’s New Video for “Carrion Flowers” is Equally as Haunting and Creepy as the Song


chelsea wolfe - abyss
The more I hear of Chelsea Wolfe’s new album Abyss the more I think I’m going to fucking love it. It’s noticeably darker and more metal than any of her past work (which was already pretty darned dark and certainly metal enough for any website like this one to be covering it), and it’s weirder, too; check out “Iron Moon,” released a few weeks ago, and tell me it’s not one of the most haunting, creepy, melancholic tracks you’ve heard this year.

Wolfe’s latest is “Carrion Flowers,” which first came out in early June but now receives the video treatment via her own direction together with her bandmate Ben Chisholm. Here’s what Wolfe offers on the clip:

The visuals in the video allude to the drought in California and frustration about corporations being allowed to pump out all the water, destroying environments and communities, just to sell it back. While writing Abyss, I lived near where the water is piped into Los Angeles, but the lakes were dried up and the mountains were burned from fires. During filming we were exploring cracked lake beds and washed out roads – at one point I was laying in the middle of an abandoned canyon road with no chance of a car coming, and it was very surreal and quiet. I closed my eyes for a moment and when I opened them there were vultures circling overhead like I was some exotic roadkill, so we filmed them too.

Abyss is out August 7th on Sargent House.

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