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A Close-Up Look at Prosthetic Records’ Newest and Brightest Signings


Prosthetic RecordsRunning a record label is not for the lazy, unmotivated or unambitious, and it’s certainly not a billion dollar proposition. Sure, any label A&R worth his or her weight in salt can stay “plugged in” to the scene and identify bands that are on the rise. But simply relying on trends intrinsically puts a label one step behind. The key is to identify those trends before they’re trends, and that is no small task.

Prosthetic Records has been consistently ahead of the curve since their formation in 1998. The label’s ability to spot diamonds in the rough is unmatched: they were a crucial part of the early success of Lamb of God, Gojira, All That Remains (ugh) and Skeletonwitch, but those are just the names everyone knows. The label has released hundreds of titles spanning the metal spectrum from grind to death metal to doom and everything in between. If there were any such thing as a model for how to run a successful metal record label in 2015, Prosthetic would be a fine place to look.

That said, let’s take a peak at some of the up-and-coming bands they’ve signed in the past year or so. Some of these bands will eventually grow into household names and some inevitably won’t, but they’re all top caliber acts worthy of every ounce of your attention.

Damian Murdoch Trio

Said I when MetalSucks premiered the below video from The Ocean guitarist Damian Murdoch’s new band last year: “The Trio’s music has elements of blues and funk, but it’s firmly based on a heavy foundation of twisted, curling riffs and shred.” Indeed, and it’s catchy as fuck too. Riffs!


It’s a wonder it took so long for a post-rock/post-metal band with a female vocalist to break through, because the fit seems so natural. It’s not that “female vocalist” satisfies a check box that makes InAeona appealing… it’s that Bridge fucking rocks and her voice adds so much to the band’s already captivating music. Prosthetic debut Force Rise the Sun will be out in August.


The band’s press copy describes North as “atmospheric sludge,” and yup, that’s pretty much right on the money. The band has been around since 2006 and released a number of EPs and albums, but they’ll be releasing their first for Prosthetic some time in the near future. Fans of old Baroness, Rosetta and the AmRep catalog will probably dig the crap out of it. Here’s their 2014 EP Metanoia:

Gutter Instinct

Do you like death metal? “Yes” is the only correct answer to that question, but if you prefer your death metal of the vintage Swedish ilk, then boy are you going to love Gutter Instinct. Here’s a track from their recently released Insurrection EP, with a full-length expected before year’s end.


Because sometimes you’re angry and pissed. Because sometimes you give less than zero fucks. Because hardcore. Know what I mean?

Here’s a track from Grieved’s recently reissued debut album Samaritans. Expect a new full-length sometime in 2015.

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