Coheed and Cambria Sing Justice Scalia’s Dissenting Opinion on Gay Marriage Ruling


Coheed and Cambria LoveWinsWe’ll save you the long-winded rant on why Friday’s Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage is so important. Surely you all know that by now, it’s most certainly been said more eloquently elsewhere, and if you follow this site you know where the MS editorial board’s politics lie (one of us went to a hippie socialist clothing-optional summer camp in Vermont, fer Garcia’s sake… not naming names tho).

Coheed and Cambria — some of whose members hail from the Woodstock, NY area (guess their politics!) — have written an original song for the occasion. But rather than an on-the-nose celebratory approach you’d expect, they twisted things around by using Justice Scalia’s dissenting opinion (read it in full here, if you dare) as the lyrics.

We’re not sure which point this song underscores more: that Scalia’s words are complete gobbledygook or that Coheed’s lyrics aren’t typically much saner. Outside of the “Affordable Care Act” reference, Scalia’s words could easily stand in for any given Coheed and Cambria song — they read like a nonsensical fantasy novel, just like the rest of Coheed’s catalog. Or maybe it’s just that Coheed and Cambria will sound just like Coheed and Cambria no matter how hard they can ever try not to. Oh yeah, and #LoveWins and stuff.

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