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Puddle of Mudd Booed Off Stage, Delete Facebook Page

  • Axl Rosenberg

Wes Scantlin BabyIn case you’re wondering: yes, Wes Scantlin from Puddle of Mudd is still a total shart. Highlights of his career post-anyone giving a fuck about his horrible band include getting busted for tax evasion, being arrested for vandalizing his neighbor’s patio with a goddamned chainsaw, being arrested for domestic abuse and coke possession, throwing an on-stage hissy fit when fans noticed he was lip syncing, being tardy for a show after getting arrested for taking a ride on an airport luggage carousel, and, most recently, missing a show altogether because he failed to catch a flight (the rest of the band and their gear were already at the correct location).

And now, just when Scantlin’s parents thought they couldn’t wish the condom didn’t break any more than they already did, Metal Insider reports that he went and did this shit:

“Unofficial reports claim that the band was heckled off stage after failing attempts of lip-syncing and utter displeasure from the crowd, which took upon themselves to make it clear by posting on the band’s Facebook page their discontent as you can see below.”puddle-of-mudd-facebook-e1435356205585

The band subsequently deleted their Facebook page, which is now occupied by the group Black Heart Saints, and looks like this:

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.26.26 AMDoes this mean that Puddle of Mudd’s sad, surprisingly lengthy career has finally come to its conclusion? As much as I’d like to think so, I doubt it: until every last drunken frat boy whose glory days are behind him stops feeling nostalgic for “Control” and “Blurry,” I suspect that there will always be promoters willing to book the band. Oh well.

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