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New Shinedown Single is Tight! #hardrock


Shinedown - Cut the CordFollowers of my personal Twitter account and longtime readers of MetalSucks know that I’m a big fan of Shinedown. Their brand of radio hard rock has always been a cut above the rest in its musical complexity, vocal delivery (Brent Smith’s got pipes! no yarling here) and overall depth. Is it possible I’m biased because I worked on one of their past album campaigns when I still had a day job at their label? Sure. But I liked them before that, too. No fucks given!

So: Shinedown’s 2012 album Amaryllis was decent but didn’t stand up to the incredible Sound of Madness, IMO. Will their upcoming release match their best? Who knows, but it’s off to a great start with “Cut the Cord,” its first single, watchable in music video form below via Blabbermouth. That chorus! Super catchy. No, Shinedown aren’t pushing any boundaries and probably never will, but songs like this one are just SO much better than Breaking Benjamin or Theory of a Deadman or Pop Evil or whatever the radio rock mongoloid of the hour is.

The new album will come out this summer, with no exact date or title given yet.


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