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Bill Ward Has a New Band in the Works, Apparently



Recently it’s felt like founding Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward has only existed as an arguing point. If he’s not publicly feuding with Ozzy, he’s hinting at possibly rejoining Black Sabbath.

So it’s refreshing to hear that Ward apparently has a new rock trio in the works. According to Loudwire, Ward recently did a radio interview in which he said he’s rehearsing with the new band, and that they have plans to go into the studio soon.

Of course, Bill made sure to say the following:

“So, yours truly, I was kicking ass. I played drums for eight hours yesterday. I mean seriously, I’m getting down and just fucking playing.”

Which can be roughly translated into:

“Ozzy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I’m in great shape. I could easily play with Black Sabbath.”

I guess that’s my issue with hearing that Ward is in a new band. The fight between him and Black Sabbath has been public and ugly — and understandably so, that band is the motherfucker’s legacy and he most likely did get shafted by Sharon The Insatiable. But if he’s got new material in the works, why not focus on that primarily? If that music is worth a legend like Bill Ward playing on it, shouldn’t it be enough to stand on its own?

Of course, if I had my bread and butter yanked out from under me, I’d be angry and loud about it, too. You can’t hate a guy for looking after his livelihood.

Anyway, Bill’s new trio went into the studio last month. Unless the album they produce is really, really good, we probably won’t talk about it again.


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