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Extinction A.D. are Doing Nothing to Kill Our Faith in “Faithkiller”


Extinction A.D. - FaithkillerThe two songs we’ve heard so far from Faithkiller, the debut full-length from Extinction A.D., are doing anything but killing our faith that the Converse Rubber Tracks x MetalSucks alumni are gonna deliver an absolutely ripping first record.

Instruments of Death” showcased the band’s heavier and thrashier side, while the title track, released today via Guitar World, shows a bit more levity, at least musically speaking. It’s almost as if the band said “Let’s insert some Motley Crue riffs into our songs and make a good time party anthem,” and then did it. I haven’t listened to the lyrics yet so I could be way off base there, but for now I’m sticking with it ’cause this track makes me feel all sorts of good. It reminds me a bit of defunct NYC metal outfit Cut Your Teeth who also mixed Crue riffs with hardcore. Diggin’ it to the max!

Faithkiller comes out on August 21st via Good Fight.

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