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Bring Me the Horizon are a Major Label Band Now

  • Axl Rosenberg

bmth 2014Less than a day after the band released their new single, “Happy Song,” word has gotten out that Bring Me the Horizon are taking shit to the next level, label-wise. Substream Magazine reports:

“Well, we’re still unsure of a release date, but we can confirm that Epitaph Records will not be releasing it—while the band were previously signed to Epitaph in America and RCA Records globally, now, BMTH are officially, 100 percent on a major label, as Columbia Records will handle the release domestically.”

This is the part where I’d normally point out that metal bands don’t always succeed on major labels (see: Entombed, Shadows Fall), but I can’t really see where this might trip BMtH up. It’s not like their fans are gonna give a shit if they suddenly have ballads or comic book tie-ins or whatever. Their next album could be called Dora the Explorer Blues and it would sell the same number as records. Mostly, I just feel bad for the folks at Columbia, who will now have to pretend to enjoy BMtH. Sorry, guys. Shit happens.

[via Lambgoat]

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