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New Pigs Track Proves that “The Life in Pink” is a Nasty One Indeed


PigsSo enamored were we of Pigs 2012 album You Ruin Everything that we hosted a stream of one of its tracks AND included another one on Volume 4 of NYC Sucks, our completely free, downloadable compilation of the best metal bands in the NYC area.

With a new album right around the corner, here’s how Noisey writer (and Publicist UK vocalist!) Zachary Lipez describes the band, whose new track “The Life in Pink” Noisey is streaming right now:

When all the kids are perusing AmRep handbook that their uncle hid under the mattress, Pigs take a swig of ‘tussin, plug in, and burn house, the parking lot, the van with the two broken side-view mirrors, all the way down. Then they bully you to pay their meager guarantee. So mean.

And that’s exactly it. MEAN. But not in a way that’s alienating… in a way that makes you want to join up and be a part of said house burning, tussin’ swigging and whatever other debauchery may come along.

Pigs consists of acclaimed producer Andrew Schneider (Cave In, Converge, Made out of Babies, Keelhaul, etc etc etc), Unsane bassist Dave Curran and Freshkills drummer Jim Paradise. New album Wronger comes out on September 29th via Solar Flare Records, and if “The Life in Pink” is any indication it’s going to be a fucking ripper. Bonus: reclusive Made Out of Babies vocalist Julie Christmas provides guest vocals! Even more to look forward to.

Stream the new jam below and pre-order Wronger here.

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