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“In Disarray”: Did Pop Evil Always Sound Like a Stone Temple Pilots Clone?

  • Axl Rosenberg

Pop Evil - UPHow is this crap still popular in 2015? I have no idea, especially because I know I’ve listened to Pop Evil before, and yet, somehow, I can never, ever remember what they sound like. But based on their new single, “In Disarray,” I can deduce that they sound like Stone Temple Pilots (but obviously not as good, if you were ever even an STP fan in the first place). Did the band always sound this way? Has anyone in Velvet Revolver contacted vocalist Leigh Kakaty regarding their open singer position? Is Kakaty worthy of inclusion on our list of the top ten yarlers of all time? Have I filled enough space now to stop writing about this shit and move on?

“In Disarray” will be on an album called UP, which will come out August 7 on eOne, which I’m totally okay with because I know people with children to feed at eOne, and it’s not their fault the public can’t tell the difference between crap and caviar.

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