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Listen to Two Tracks from Cavern’s New Album Outsiders


Cavern - OutsidersInstrumental albums in metal can be a touchy subject. Take away the focal point of someone screaming/wailing/singing/vomiting entrails, and notoriously capricious metal audiences tend to get distracted. But for bands who pull if off with near-flawless execution like Earthless and Karma To Burn the fanbase is deep and loyal, and Maryland stoner/post-rock trio Cavern are edging their way into that group with their third (and first fully instrumental) release, Outsiders.

After being drawn into a local club on a sleepy night in an even sleepier town in West Virginia a few years back, I caught these guys opening for a more well-known band who seemed justifiably embarrassed at how powerfully and thoroughly they were blown off the stage by the unknown youngins. Drummer Stephen Schrock is impossible to quit watching — his playing is effortless, hypnotic, and aggressively passionate. The chemistry between him and brothers Zach and Nick Harkins is electric, and when I saw the band again last year at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn it was obvious that time and touring have only increased how tight and unique they’ve become.

Check out two preview tracks from Outsiders below. The transitions, melody, and expansive mood set by the songs are gorgeous and belong in a catalog with the likes of Baroness and Russian Circles. Lighter on the throwback heavy stoner jams than earlier efforts with a more progressive elan this time around, Cavern’s evolution is one to watch as they undoubtedly broaden their fanbase with songs equally well-suited for slow head-banging or getting high and making out to… just don’t do both at once.

Outsiders will be available on August 25 via Grimoire Records. Stephen Schrock is also a visual artist and does many of the shirt designs and tour posters for the band; take a look at his work on Facebook and Tumblr.

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