Video: Killswitch Engage Perform New Song, “Strength of the Mind”


KsE Announce New ProducerKillswitch Engage are working on their new album — heck, it might even be done by now. I have no idea if they’re trying to get it out this year or next. In any case, they debuted a new song called “Strength of the Mind” in Toronto this past Sunday, and you can watch fan-filmed footage below. (Don’t be bothered by the fact that the video is labeled “Strangth of the Mind.” “Strangth” is just how Canadians say “strength.”) It sounds pretty good! I mean, it sounds like Killswitch Engage. You know what to expect; you know if this will appeal to you or not.

So, enjoy. Or don’t. It’s no skin off my tits.

[via Metal Underground]

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