Secrets and Lies Portrays Emmure’s Music as a Torture Device, Becomes Most Accurate Television Program in History

  • Axl Rosenberg

secrets and lies emmureI’ve never watched ABC’s Secrets and Lies (or the Australian series on which it’s based), but in the span of just a few short seconds, the show’s creators made a fan out of me.

What did they do so right? Why, they included a scene in which one character, Kevin Haynes (Gregory Alan Williams), attempts to get another character, Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillipe), to confess to the murder of a young boy… by torturing him… with Emmure’s “Like LaMotta.” This makes the scene at once terrifying and accurate: we know that metal has been used to torture people, and who among us wouldn’t quickly roll over one even our closest friends if faced with having to listen to the music of Emmure?

You can try to watch the scene below, but Hulu embeds almost never work for us for some reason. Assuming it’s not working and you’d still like to check it out, go here. Emmure shows up roughly at the twenty minute mark, right after the third commercial break.

Thanks: Sarah

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