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Exclusive Song Premiere: Extinction A.D.’s “Prisoners”


Extinction A.D. - FaithkillerMetalSucks has been in love with Extinction A.D. since… well… since they had a slightly different line-up and were called This is Hell! Since then, we’ve worked with these dudes as part of our annual Converse Rubber Tracks x MetalSucks series and included them on our free NYC Sucks digital compilation, and we’ve been both astonished and delighted to watch their progression. Extinction A.D. may very well write the best Slayer riffs that Jeff Hanneman never got around to writing, but they’re more than a simple re-thrash band. There’s a certain precision to Extinction A.D.’s work that thrash generally lacks; if thrash is a machine gun firing wildly in all directions, Extinction A.D. is a sniper with a laser sight. You’re gonna get shot either way, but the Extinction A.D. method will not allow for doctors to save you. You’re there, then boom!, you’re burning in Hell, trying to explain all your awful deeds to Beelzebub, while back up top, some jaded janitors are wiping your brains from the wall, and Extinction A.D. are enjoying beers n’ pizza. Fuck you very much. 

And so it is with no small amount of pride that today MetalSucks debuts “Prisoners,” a brand-spankin’-new track from Extinction A.D.’s upcoming full-length debut, Faithkiller (and you can check out lyrics below the player!). Make sure you play it LOUD, because screw your neighbors. Faithkiller comes out August 21 on Good Fight Music; pre-order it here!!! You’ll thank us later…

Black blood streams through the veins of the worlds economy
while our lives have grown dependent on instability
the hole gets deeper as we dig with our hands and then we tap the oil sands
We go from boom to bust to ashes and dust and we’re all junkies
prisoners of our society
Black rain fell from the sky for our taking
so many years of slumber deserves a rude awakening
we rape the earth til resources are scarce and it seems like no one cares
Moved to the point of no return, we see the end
Due to insatiable demand
Robbed of all elements, land is now desolate
With a stance of conflict, its a catalyst
prolonged presence in the middle east
the numbers don’t add up, no WMD’s
no preparations made for life after the peak.

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