Lita Ford Accused of Abuse by Son: “Thankfully We Never Have to See Our Mother Again”

  • Axl Rosenberg

james gillette and lita ford

In January, we learned that not only does former Nitro vocalist Jim Gillette now have sole custody of James and Rocco, his two sons with Lita Ford, but that Ford doesn’t even have visitation right. The reason? Allegedly, the boys were the victims of “constant verbal, mental, and physical abuse” from Ford.

Still, Ford has continued to fight the allegations. Although, somewhat strangely, she does not seem to have taken further legal action, she has launched a Parental Alientation Awareness Facebook page, and released some awkwardly earnest music.

In the very late hours of July 23 and the very early hours of July 24, Ford continued her battle to win her boys back with a Facebook post, which has since been deleted… but not before Metal Sludge got some screen caps:

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Now James Gillette, the older of the two Ford-Gillette sons, has released a response to Metal Sludge, and… yeah it’s not flattering to Ford:

My Dad always taught me, “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it”. Well unfortunately my mother has left me no choice with her latest crazy allegations against my father (including kidnapping) and recent attempts to start a nation-wide amber alert type search for my brother and me.

We have not been kidnapped. We live with our dad and have every right to. Thankfully we never have to see our mother again and we have the legal paperwork to prove it. By the way, I’m 18 and can live wherever I want, with whoever I want, and I choose to live with my dad. How ridiculous would it be for my mother to put out an amber alert on me even though I’m a legal adult.

Obviously our mother has a lot of problems. Five years ago a court appointed doctor told my brother and me that our mother was mentally ill. This came as no surprise to either of us.

Unfortunately my mother has never accepted any responsibility for her actions and continues to blame anyone and everyone all while publicly playing the victim.

Our mother is a child abuser. She was violent, threatening, and tried to make my brother and me hate our dad. Her attempts at parental alienation were constant and never ending. When we didn’t agree with her she would become livid and out of control. We told child services, the sheriffs department, and many court appointed professionals that our mother was crazy, violent, and we were afraid she would someday kill us in a fit of rage.

We were with our dad when he was served divorce papers. We made him promise to do everything he could so we never had to see our mother again. He kept his promise and for that we are forever grateful.

Our mother alleges that our father brainwashed us against her. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our dad never said a bad thing about her. He didn’t have to. We saw first hand what she did to all of us. If he has in any way let us down, it was that our father should have gotten us away from her sooner.

Our mother said horrible things about our dad all the time. She even said things about me and my brother. She called us “fucking faggots” because we used to sit with our dad and watch movies.

Our mother threatened to have us thrown in a Foster home and said we’d never see our dad again. Why? Because we told her we didn’t want to be with her and she was angry we told all the professionals that she beat us. She also threatened us and said she would have our dad thrown in jail for the same reasons.

I could tell you horror stories for days but that wouldn’t accomplish anything. My mother needs serious help. She needs to stop lying and she needs to leave us alone. She also needs to stop with her harassing and stalking behavior.

Anyone that says my father should be crucified and left to die will never be a part of my life. Who in their right mind writes a song for their children saying those terrible things?

James Gillette

Parental Alienation Syndrome, or PAS, is a very real thing, and it is possible that, as Ford claims, Gillette as “brainwashed” the boys. It seems worth noting, however, that Gillette obtained custody of his sons legally, and after literally years of litigation. If the boys were lying that entire time and none of the various child welfare, mental health, or legal professionals involved noticed, well… that seems unlikely, doesn’t it?

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