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MetalCaptchas Will Make Your Captchas, Y’know, Metal

  • Axl Rosenberg

Here’s a cute idea: the HeavyGifts group has created MetalCaptcha, which is… well, exactly what it sounds like.

“Everyone has encountered captchas. They are ugly and unreadable. You spend 2-3 minutes trying to figure out the overly distorted characters. But here is a long awaited solution!

“The MetalCaptcha is a free service developed by the HeavyGifts group, which is meant to banish the evil bots from the website forms.”

In other words: MetalCaptcha makes captchas from metal band logos.


Unfortunately, this isn’t a plugin which will ensure that every captcha you encounter on the web will be metal — it’s only for you to use on your own site. In other words, I could theoretically make any captchas on MS metal, but anytime Facebook or Ticketmaster asks me to fill one of these suckers out, it’ll still be a jumble of random words/letters/characters.

Still, if you wanna take advantage of MetalCaptchas, you can get more details here. They’re also accepting submissions for band logos, if you want your group to get a little free press from the 3-5 people who will ever use this service.

Thanks: Josh B.

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