Every Local Band Could Learn a Lesson or Two from Method Blank


Every local band could learn a lesson or two from New Mexico’s Method Blank. Too many musicians working at this level treat their band like a joke and then wonder why they never take off. Method Blank, however, teach us that you don’t need a massive budget to be total professionals, especially in this miraculous day and age, when technology has made it substantially easier to DIY.

For example, take these promo photos of the band. When you see them, you probably think, “Wow, Axl must have worked on those in Photoshop,” but hand to Hanneman, I did not touch these — they are exactly as they appear on the band’s website.method blank 1 method blank 2Incredible, right? And easy, too! I know these photos look like they were taken by Jeremy Saffer, but my guess is, they were taken on by an amateur, someone who just does photography as a hobby. Hard to believe, I know, but that’s my gut instinct.

Why, now you don’t even have to bother to resize when your gallery has a fixed aspect ratio! You upload your pics, and bada bing, bada boom, you’re done.

And if you think that’s amazing, well, wait ’til you see the band’s music video:

Who is Aldrei Alfonso? How have I never heard of this director before? Has anyone in Hollywood seen how much he can do with so little money? I mean, how did they afford all those locations? How did they afford all those effects?!?! I’m not positive, but I think they may have used a green screen. The fact that it’s so hard to say for sure is a true testament to the quality of the clip.

(And that’s not even addressing the quality of the song! Taste in music is, of course, subjective, but I doubt anyone would argue about the merit of “Eddie’s Home.”)

So pay attention, local bands: if you wanna be taken seriously, and you wanna be featured on a big time metal website like MetalSucks, you should study Method Blank’s, uh, methods! They can really teach you something about what and what not to do!!!

Thanks: P.W.

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