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New Grave Track “Redeemed Through Hate” Has the Swedish Death Metal Fix You Crave


GraveSometimes all that’s needed in life is some good, old fashioned Swedish death metal. Hold the cheesy melodies, give me the HM-2, and let’s fucking get on with it.

Thankfully Grave have exactly what we need today in the form of a new song called “Redeemed Through Hate.” The track rips, pulverizes, grooves, hammers and other-metal-adjectiveses… everything you want it to do, it does. It’s remarkable how little this band has changed up the formula over the past 30 years, and Satan fucking bless them for it: please never abandon your grimy, filthy ways, Grave. The metal world needs you!

Stream “Redeemed Through Hate” below. New album Out of Respect for the Dead, their first since 2012’s Endless Procession of Souls (and 2013 EP Morbid Ascent — stream”Venial Sin“) will come out via Century Media sometime in October.

Also be sure to check out the interview MetalSucks reader Derek/ Godless Angel did with Grave guitarist Mika Lagreen when he took over the site for a day earlier this year.

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