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Help Rigor Mortis/Warbeast Singer Bruce Corbitt Pay For His Heart Surgery



rigormortishospitalBruce Corbitt is the man, on paper and in action. He fronted Texas thrashers Rigor Mortis, who released one of last year’s best albums, Slaves to the Grave, before breaking up with their legacy fully intact. He’s also the singer of toxic metal murderers Warbeast, who are carrying on even after their guitarist gashed his hand wide open on a blender blade.

Sadly, however, Corbitt’s ticker is messed up. The dude is suffering heart complications that require him to undergo surgery. As Bruce put it:

It became very evident that I can’t live a normal life anymore without doing the surgery, without fixing the problems, It’s not fair to me, my wife, my family and my band to have to worry. It’s no way to live: ‘Oh we can’t go out of town without worrying about his heart messing up.’ Nah, it’s worth the risk of surgery to live a normal life again. I feel like a walking time bomb.

Good for Corbitt. Getting surgery is fucking scary, but it’s better to suffer through it than deal with the constant complications.

Bruce and/or his loved ones have launched a crowdfunding campaign so that fans can help him pay for his surgery. The goal is $9,000, which isn’t that much if everyone pitches in a little. You can give here.

We here at MetalSucks send our best wishes to Bruce and his friends, and hope that his recovery is quick and as painless as possible. Here’s Rigor Mortis’ killer “Fragrance of Corpse”.

[via Metal Insider]

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