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The Black Dahlia Murder Smoke Tons of Weed to Cope With “Threat Level Number Three”



It’s unfair to blow up a band’s spot, but I’m going to drop a serious shocker on you: The Black Dahlia Murder smoke a ton of weed. I know, just like the jazz men! Those fun-loving face-melting Detroit madmen? For shame. Next people will be saying that we here at MetalSucks are fans of the ganja.

The band has premiered a new song, “Threat Level Number Three”, at High Times today, where frontman Trevor Strnad goes on to talk about his love for weed, his favorite strains, and some of his craziest times smoking weed with metal royalty (the Attila Csihar story is pretty great). But rather than just laugh about Cheetos and the huge bongs he’s hit, Strnad is surprisingly intelligent and passionate about his love of the dank shit. For example:

Just like I did when I was young, I spend most of my time surrounding myself with music, and there’s no better way for it to take hold of you than to be high. It just seems like whatever the band at hand was intending, it just gets to you.

Right on, man. God, I love this fucking band.

Definitely read the full piece here, and check out the ripping new track below. Also check out the other awesome new songs from the band’s upcoming record Abysmal, and catch them on tour with Iron Reagan this fall. It’s going to be rad, and who knows — someone might be smoking weed at one of the shows.

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