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Soilwork’s New Song “Enemies in Fidelity” Sounds… Kinda Like Soilwork!


Soilwork - The Ride MajesticCrash Thompson already weighed in on Soilwork’s new album The Ride Majestic in his official MetalSucks review. But as the MS Mansion’s officially anointed Soilwork fanboy I feel compelled to share a few thoughts of my own on the back of new song “Enemies in Fidelity,” which the band just released.

The Ride Majestic feels, to me, like the album on which all of Soilwork’s member changes finally caught up with them. This isn’t a bad thing! They still, somehow, remarkably, sound like Soilwork. But it’s a different version of the Soilwork sound. It’s not any one obvious thing I could point to, i.e. by saying they’re now more melodic, or heavier, or more aggressive, or anything like that. It’s just that the music is written by mostly different dudes, and the way they construct riffs, voice chords and write melodies is naturally going to be different even if they’re writing “in the Soilwork style.” It’s like a xerox of a xerox — it basically looks like the original, but it’s different too.

I still like The Ride Majestic a lot, though. The title-track is a total banger, and album closer “Father and Son Watching the World Go Down” is the latest in a long list of excellent Soilwork album-closers. “Enemies in Fidelity” isn’t necessarily one of my favorites, but it’s a solid track nonetheless. Stream it below.

The Ride Majestic comes out on August 28th via Nuclear Blast and can be pre-ordered here.

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