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Fit For an Autopsy Experience Both “Absolute Hope” and “Absolute Hell” in New Song/Video


Fit For an AutopsyIt’s nearly 2pm on one of the final Fridays of summer and stupid Fit for a Stupid Autopsy have to go and release a stupid new song and video while I’ve got one foot out the door on the way to the stupid beach. COME OOOOOOOON GUYS!!! Cut me some slack.

I kid (sort of). New Fit For an Autopsy music is ALWAYS a good thing, and I’m extremely excited to be hearing “Absolute Hope Absolute Hell” for the first time. Better yet, the track rips; it’s one of the catchiest tunes the band’s written to date, but not because it has clean singing or any bullshit like that — the riffs are just gargantuan, and the slower tempo of the song makes them hit all that much harder.

Check out the video for “Absolute Hope Absolute Hell” below via Decibel. It comes from Fit For an Autopsy’s new album of the same name, out October 2 on eOne/Good Fight, and if this song is any indication the album will be an absolute ripper.

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