Celebrate Earth Day with Fit For An Autopsy’s “Still We Destroy”


Celebrate Earth Day with Fit For An Autopsy’s “Still We Destroy”
As you are hopefully already aware, today is Earth Day! Vince has written about the environment many times with more eloquence than I ever could, so I’m not gonna offer you any kinda lecture as to why you should care about the state of our planet. I’m just going to assume you’re not an idiot and that you do care.

So how is it that our excessive use of natural resources and slow, painful murder of our home isn’t the topic of more death metal songs? After thirty years, most DM bands are still content to scream about homicide, war, the forceful insertion of sharp objects into various orifices, stalking girls who won’t fuck you, necrophilia, and a host of other charming topics… but the fact that our planet is dying, and that if we allow it to die it’s gonna take us with it, remains largely unexplored territory, despite being as terrifying as any military conflict or serial killer.

Luckily, we have Fit For An Autopsy’s “Still We Destroy,” from their spectacular sophomore album, 2013’s Hellbound. Not only is the song as heavy as a tank filled with rocks, but its lyrics are a damning condemnation of Man’s wasteful, hubristic behavior: “We make the oceans rise and turn cities into salt” (now-former) vocalist Nate Johnson asserts, before noting, “This is our home, yet still we destroy.”

Subtle? No. But we’re past the point of subtlety when it comes to this particular topic. If we need to get hit with a blunt object to finally make the changes required to save the planet, so be it.

Crank this shit:

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