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The New Tsjuder Track Is Like Running A Black Metal Gauntlet



Running the gauntlet, for those who don’t know, comes from an old practice where a soldier would be forced to run down an aisle while his brothers in arms stood on either side walloping him. It was generally used as a form of punishment, though it was sometimes a rite of initiation (especially if you’re joining the Stonecutters).

I mention this because the new track by Norwegian black metallers Tsjuder, titled “Djevelens Masterverk” (or ‘the devil’s masterpiece’), has a gauntlet-like quality to it. While plenty of black metal is mystical and ambient, these guys go straight for the throat with a thrashy assault that beats at you from all sides. Black metal had a notable anti-moshing stance in its origin, but damn if this song doesn’t make me want to thrash like hell. Fans of Carpathian Forest and Lightning Swords of Death will get a serious kick out of this hard, driving satanic mayhem.

Listen to the kickass new track below. The new Tsjuder (McGavin) record, Antiliv, comes out September 18th on Season Of Mist.

[via Metal Underground]

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