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Dr. Acula to Reunite For One Show Only, But Without Keyboard-Flipper Joey Simpson


Once in a generation a true pioneer comes along, someone who changes the music world permanently for better or worse (but usually for better). We knew we’d stumbled upon something special back in 2011 when scenecore band Dr. Acula released a video for their track “Who You Gonna Call?” in which keyboardist Joey Simpson debuted this game-changing stage move:

keyboard flipUnfortunately the only reason to care about Dr. Acula left the band later that year and the band broke up. Luckily for keyboard-flip enthusiasts the world over, Simpson soon started a new band, Kissing Candace, and announced to the world within the first few seconds of the band’s debut video that time hadn’t robbed him of any of his chops:


The metal world then collectively forgot about Joey Simpson and his keyboard flips, which was a damn shame.

But rejoice! Founding Dr. Acula guitarist Rob Guarino emails MetalSucks to tell us that Dr. Acula will be reuniting for one show only, October 3rd at the Wood Shop in Copaigue, NY (that’s on Long Island), to celebrate the band’s ten year anniversary.

But alas! Simpson will not be involved as it seems he wasn’t an original member and has prior obligation. Biiiiig disappointment!

Missed opportunity, dudes. Serious missed opportunity! Consider getting Simpson out for a one-song cameo or something; literally all he’d have to do is walk on stage, flip his keyboard, then walk off, and be hailed and celebrated as the true hero that he is all night long. Think of all the Lawn Guyland trash that’ll be buying him shots all night! Otherwise there is really no reason whatsoever to care about this reunion, or this band.

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