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“Par” For The Course: Stream VI’s Second New Song #Aosoth #Merrimack

  • Anso DF

VI de praestigiis angelorum

Just using our powers of observation and logic, we might guess the reason for the bass player of an awesome band to form another awesome band of the same ilk in which he is the frontman: He’s not the main creative guy in that first awesome band. Per his desire to express his own shit, he forms the second awesome band. If this is the case in the case of VI — the awesome band formed by the bassist of Aosoth — then it probably means that every member of Aosoth is capable of a masterpiece. For that’s what has been created by whichever of those guys run(s) Aosoth, and the term will fit the debut album by the bassist’s band VI, titled De Praestigiis Angelorum. That’s wild, right? They’re, like, The Beatles — but Rutan-flavored black metal from France.

But we’re jumping ahead. First you must hear all of VI’s album to find any credibility in the comparison. You heard one jam a month ago, and now DPA‘s second track is below (via Cvlt Nation).

VI’s first album De Praestigiis Angelorum is out September 25 via Agonia. Pre-order it here.

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