BulletBoys’ “Rollover” Video is the Comedy Event of the Season


marq torien arrestedBulletBoys have a released a new album on Cleopatra Records — the label that signs all the sad old hair metal bands that even Frontiers doesn’t want — and now they’ve premiered a video for the single from that record, “Rollover.” Although this song had the potential to be the greatest anthem about leftover cell phone minutes ever composed, it is, instead, the sexty-fird-quizillionth glam metal cautionary tale about a young woman who makes questionable choices in life.

Still, the video is worth watching, partly due to Marq Torien’s inadvertently hilarious facial expressions and geriatric attempts at a mating dance, and partly due to the fact that it’s actually quite sophisticated: it stars Playmate Ivy Feguson, a young a young woman (not kidding: she wasn’t born yet when anyone gave a shit about the BulletBoys) who has made a questionable choice in life (i.e., appearing in this video). So meta.

Watch the “Rollover” video below. BulletBoys’ new album, Elefanté, is out now.

In related news, Torien was recently arrested for failing to pay child support. You can learn all about that fiasco here.

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