Napalm Death Force You To Watch The World Crumble In “How The Years Condemn”



Napalm Death’s Apex Predator – Easy Meat is one of the year’s best and most bizarre death metal releases. It’s not only vicious and unstoppable, but also introspective and unhinged. It’s a smart step forward for one of the best bands out there.

The new animated video for “How The Years Condemn” has a similar atmosphere to it. Rather than show, say, a neutron bomb obliterating a city, it shows how years of apathy and complacency can bring about the end of mankind. While it’s easy to think of the world ending in a big final act, it’s a little harder to consider the real-time apocalypse, the slow and currently-happening end of the world brought about by our own laziness and unwillingness to confront the truth.

Anyway, enough yapping. Check out the video below, and read our review of the album here.

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