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cynic break up againUpdate #2, 12:43pm EDT, September 14th: We have disabled commenting on this and all other posts relating to Cynic’s break-up, and we will be refraining from covering this story further until we hear official word from Paul Masvidal. 

Update, 1:42 pm: Reinert hast posted another update, which you can see below.

Original story follows.

Things are very much not OK in the Cynic camp right now. After the band seemed to announce yesterday that they’d be breaking up in a Facebook post penned by drummer Sean Reinert, guitarist/vocalist Paul Masvidal disputed said breakup shortly afterward, vowing the band would continue on in one way or another.

Lost in the fracas was the following post, since deleted, but screen capped and sent in by MetalSucks reader Christian S. at 7:56pm EDT / 4:56pm PDT last night (Thursday):


Although the above post is no longer online, another post that went up at about 9:30pm EDT still remains:

All very odd. It seems strange that Paul would knowingly lie about being unable to access the page, but who knows. There are just too many possibilities here to offer any kind of meaningful conjecture, and the public will probably never know what really went on behind the scenes between Paul and Sean.

The bottom line: this sucks. For the band and for us, as fans. And it sucks even more to see this dispute play out in public.

Here’s to hoping Paul and Sean can address whatever caused the rift between them and get back to the business of touring and making music together as Cynic as soon as possible.

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