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Holy Sh*t Alert: Bonehunter’s Evil Triumphs



Your first impressions of a band might be an encounter with their name (which is at best 70 percent serious) and with their album’s cover image (say, an illustration of a dude/bear/dude-bear in a leather jacket standing amid demons and wielding a huge gun). If so, then somewhere in your mind you’ll expect unserious music, something openly frivolous. And if so, then your mind is there for Bonehunter’s taking. You won’t see them coming. They rip!

In their debut Evil Triumphs Again, you’ll detect links to the first Bathory album. Also you’ll see that its energy is on the level of The Crown and Watain, the way they both swing a bit and blast a lot. Each of its jams is as catchy as Ghost gone scum black metal (and punk rock in each one’s bridge or intro), and Evil might be a document of Bonehunter’s power in concert, cuz it sounds like a band playing live really forcefully. Big bands should be sweating about these guys. Holy shit Bonehunter!!!!!

Bonehunter’s awesome debut album Evil Triumphs Again came out a couple Fridays ago via Hells Headbangers. Get it here and here.

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