Life’s Short, Enjoy A Kickass Castlevania Guitar Medley



Some of my fondest memories from childhood are of Super Castlevania IV. As a kid who loved monsters and wasn’t allowed to have anything other than a Game Boy, something that combined both was a massive treat for me, and I spent countless hours at my buddy Chris’ place whipping the shit out of Dracula’s minions. But what I remember most clearly is the opening theme, “Simon’s Theme,” an over-the-top melody that’s apparently been stuck in my head for the past two-and-a-half decades.

So when I saw this Castlevania guitar medley by YouTuber RichaadEB on Bloody-Disgusting, I was pretty stoked. And it taught me two things: first, that “Simon’s Theme” still rules and is even better on guitar. Second, that I actually remember a TON of the music from the various Castlevania games, specifically the opening theme to Castlevania III that pumped reedily out of my tiny Game Boy speakers. God, what a trip. What a nerdy fucking trip.

Listen below if you want to be smacked in the face by your own youth, and go to 4:22 for “Simon’s Theme.”

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